The Help I’m Receiving is Better Than a Prescription

I miss how well my body worked when I was much younger and rarely experienced pain. It is entirely my fault now that my body does not feel good, though. This is because I have not treated myself well. Oh, I have heard all of the mentions that it is important to stay in shape and to treat your body like a temple, but you think you have time before the troubles happen. I ended up needing to find a San Jose chiropractor because of the damage I have done to my back.

In the office that I work in, I have heard several employees ask our boss for ergonomic desks and chairs. The owner is a cheapskate and does not want to do it, though. He told us that if we want those things, we are welcome to buy them ourselves and bring them to the office. It was disappointing to know that he does not care much about our health, but I am also not surprised. Separately, I kept planning to get ergonomic items for my home office, but I kept putting it off.

The way that I sit at my desk at the office and at home has really hurt me. I have a pinch nerve as a result. The pain can be quite intense. I do not have a lot of sick days to take off from my job, so I have had to get a strong prescription from my doctor. It makes me drowsy, which causes problems with me getting work done. I knew I had to figure out a better way.

The chiropractor that I have started going to is doing much more for me than my prescription is. It has been helping me to live a pain free life without chemicals. The treatments I have been getting have made the pinched nerve a think of the past.