Quality of Life Instead of Pain

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 30 years ago. We knew then that we had to do our best to make sure his blood sugars were under control. However, that still did not stop him from getting frozen shoulder. His doctor told him he basically had three options. The first was surgery at the local hospital, the second was physical therapy which would be extremely painful, and the third was having a chiropractor in Bakersfield help treat the condition. Since the surgery was not an absolute cure, we decided to go to the chiropractor that his doctor referred him to.

Neither of us had ever been to a chiropractor before, so we were not really sure what to expect. I went with him on his first visit, and we were both really impressed with everything that happened that first day. The chiropractor already had my husband’s medical records pertaining to his shoulder, but he went ahead and did his own testing. He explained that the imaging tests were okay, but he preferred a more complete set. He then showed us on the X-rays and scans exactly what was going on in his shoulder.

It did look mighty ugly, but we already figured it did because of the amount of pain that he was in. We knew that it would take time, as most people with this condition suffer with it for at least two years before they get any kind of relief. However, the treatment plan that the chiropractor put him on really started to help almost immediately. At first, he went three times a week, but now he just goes once or twice a week. His range of motion is so much better after just a few months, and he is not taking pain medication unless it is absolutely necessary now, which is not that often. His chiropractor has given him back the quality in his life!