God Solve The Problem

Yohanes 2: 1-8 tell the story of Jesus’ first miracle, changing water into wine.

Jesus Christ came to attend the wedding in Cana. While the party started, the host realized that they ran out of wine. And the drink is an important factor in the celebrations of the day (you can imagine how you will feel embarrassed when you invite guests to an important banquet, then the dishes were served was not enough for the guests).Finally, Jesus became as a problem solvers. As we already know, he turned water into wine.


In the story above, there are important elements of the moments, namely the wedding party. Similarly, in our lifetime there are variety of important moments such as career choice, education choice, weddings and others. Also there are several moments that we feel very heavy for us like severe, bankruptcy, illness, heartbreak, and so forth. The problems can occur when we are at that moment, such as a shortage of wine at the wedding of Cana events. We want to go to college, but we don’t have the funds, we are willing to work but our application is rejected. The other moments are stalled business, crisis, rising fuel, and others.


What if in the story of the wedding at Cana, nobody was aware of his presence, or simply regarded him as a human being. It is not impossible that miracles do not happen. Yet we are told that Mary aware of Jesus, and she didn’t only realize that Jesus came as a guest, but he was present as Lord. God solved the problem.


If you believe that God exists and he is come in the midst of your life. Do not hesitate to ask for his help. Do not hesitate to ask Jesus to get involved in the problems we face. You will find solution for your problem.