Diabetes and Its Sign

Diabetes is a long-term disease characterized by very high blood sugar levels. Cells in the human body needs energy from sugar ( glucose ) to do its function properly. Insulin normally controls blood sugar in the body. If the body lack of insulin or develop resistance to insulin in the body’s cells , the levels of sugars ( glucose ) blood will increase dramatically. This could be the triggers and causes of diabetes ( diabetes mellitus ).

Diabetes disease symptoms can be known very easy, because the symptoms of diabetes can be felt by the patients and it would also be easy to be seen by others or a doctor. And signs of diabetes may occur in the following things :

Weight loss

Symptoms of diabetes could be seen from immediate and rapid weight loss. Very quick weight loss will be felt by people with diabetes disease.

Skin color changes

If the skin around the neck has a black color or like a dirty things , and even though it has been wash but does not change the colour, then it could be one of diabetes symptom. Due to increasing a very high blood sugar will affect the color of the ski.

Easily tired , hungry , and thirsty

If you feel tired, hungry and thirst that are increased unlike usual, then it could be symptoms of diabetes. An extraordinary fatigue and hungry will occur simultaneously on the symptoms of diabetes .


The body that is often infected by the virus and bacteria could be felt when someone get symptoms of diabetes. This infection most often occurs in the mouth , so the gums will often injured or having problems. Infections of the urinary line can also be experienced when you have symptoms of diabetes. Because the body’s immune resistance will decrease and the body is not too strong to face the virus attacks from outside the body.

Patients that get diabetes should carefully maintain health. Through a health monitoring , treatment process that undertaken by patients will go more smoothly , as well as to minimize the risk of complications . The following steps can also be helpful for diabetics :

  • Applying a healthy diet and balanced
  • Regularly exercise
  • Limiting consumption of alcohol
  • Quit smoking.