CeyHello Will Remind You Not To Forget To Take The Pill

CeyHello is an application that plays a role of digital pillbox to help patients and caregivers medication compliance ensuring safety. A very useful system, especially in patients with polypharmacy, chronic or dependent

It allows you to create different profiles to add as many patients as desired (self, family, people in their care …) and detail of each medication. You have the option to activate alarms to remind making and tomorrow is expected to add a button to confirm that actually has taken the dose.

When we incorporate a new drug have to specify dose and method of administration, may also add comments or an explanation of what each drug. It misses for this process a web interface as writing many drugs through the smartphone can be tedious for users of tablet is certainly more friendly.

An interesting utility that should have on hand to replace traditional and outdated medication sheet just filled with erasures, annotations and corrections over the months. Fully I recommended although personally I have not managed to add images because I closed the application and, as I said, I would have liked to add or modify drugs via the web as it makes the process more comfortable.

CeyHello is an application that helps you not to forget to take medications.

  • Controls must take medication
  • Create an alarm to alert you when medication
  • List the medications you ‘ve taken
  • Add notes information for each shot.
  • Save a virtual image of the medication you should take.
  • Create an alarm for a specific date on the appointments panel.
  • You will know the medications you ‘ve taken and those you have passed
    at a glance
  • Adds quotes reminder for a predetermined day and time
  • You do not forget to take your medications anymore

For more information you can visit CeyHello and get the detail information about the application.