Back on Track and Feeling Great Again

My neck has been giving me problems for years. Doctor’s have told me that it is likely caused by problems in my shoulder muscles. It has lead to awful posture. I do not have a hump in my back, but it looks like I do. You can especially see it when I walk. It hurts pretty much all of the time, and I had given up on being able to pull myself straight up to regain proper posture. My neck x-ray makes me look like a bird with how my cervical spine goes. I went to a chiropractor in Redding to get help with nerve impingement issues in that area that are a result of my long term poor posture.

The muscles in my back look odd. They, along with how I hold my neck, makes me look like I have a huge hump that goes all across my shoulders. I cannot lie flat on my back on a hard surface without bad discomfort for my shoulders and neck. My natural inclination is to hold my neck forward. It pulls and burns like fire when I try to force myself into a proper posture. I have never been able to sleep on my back more than a few minutes. My wife has pointed out that my shirt hems, that I wear untucked, are higher in the back because my leaning forward and how my shoulders pull them up in the back.

I needed the help of the chiropractor in Redding to fight against years of my body being in a poor posture alignment. I did not want to suffer the pain that was getting worse as the years went by. I needed a lot of physical therapy along with muscle building exercises and stretching to improve my posture. My chiropractor helped me with therapy to relieve pain and adjust my neck and back to relieve pain so that I could continue to correct my awful pain-causing posture.