Anything Can Happen when You Have a Hobby That Involves Horseback Riding

My city has long been an area that is home to many horse lovers. It is even common to see riders taking their horses out on the long canals, asway from city traffic for a nice ride. My horse and I have a great relationship, but one day we can across a snake that spooked my horse. I was thrown off and landed in the dirt. It really affected my back, so I went to see a Phoenix chiropractor a few months later. I took too long to go see him because I was being naive about my situation.

My parents were the original equine lovers in our family. They both grew up on separate farms, so when they got together and married, they both made sure to buy enough land to have quite a number of horses. My sister and me both grew up with the same love for riding and caring for them. We were both in many competitions as well and earned many different awards and trophies. I think you could say that I lived and breathed that life. So, it’s no mistake now that I love to be around them. I am a very accomplished rider. I also take pride in being a safe rider. But anything could happen to cause an accident. That is to be expected at all times.

I was very bruised up for a long time after I was thrown. My back had large patches of purple an blue on it. That seems to be okay after just 3 weeks or so, but the pain didn’t stop at all. I feared that I was going to be stuck with a bad back permanently, so I just tried to accept it and move on. But what I should have done is to seek help earlier.